The Gypsies

extract of « Catherine and Arnaud » Book 4 of the Catherine series

Catherine :
I am Catherine de Montsalvy no longer. I am a girl of your race. And my name... what is my name to be?"

Sara :
I shall call you Tchalai... which means
« star » in our tongue... but untl we get there you are still Catherine, as you always were!
Catherine :
What about me? Do you think I like it? But I know that until I do what I have set out to do I shall have no rest, either in this life or the next! I must avenge Arnaud, avenge the destruction of Montsalvy, avenge my impoverished son ! Otherwise what point will there be in living ?


photo with
Stéphane Fey- Tristan l'Hermite
Claudine Ancelot - Catherine/Tchalai
Pascale Petit - Black Sara

TV-Series : Catherine, il suffit d'un amour
directed by Marion Sarraut

message by Juliette Benzoni

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