« Le Voyageur » 1992 Tome 1

by Juliette Benzon

the series has never been translated into English !



extract of « Le Voyageur »

— How old are you Monsieur Trémaine ?

— Thirty-six years ! Why that question ?

— You except me to believe that that for so many years you have never told a woman that you love her ?

— Never, even if that seems strange to you !
Except... once !

— That is sufficient while never would be too much !
C'est suffisant pour que jamais soit de trop.

— You believe that ? I was seven years old and the object of my love was four...

— Maybe you still love ?

— One loves always what is attached to the souvenirs of childhood because they are pretty, but that little girl belongs to a time which is no more and will never return...


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