Secret d'Etat
Secret of the State

Le prisonnier masqué - book 3

The masked prisoner
by Juliette Benzoni

text translated from French by Linda, webmaster
this excellent book series is alas not translated into English yet!


« Sire, she said with emotion that pronounced her Spanish accent, you see before you your mother and loyal subject...

Then she got up and made François advance who bowed deeply:
This is the Duke of Beaufort, your cousin and our friend to whom I entrust you and also your brother. He will watch over you: this is the most honest man in the kingdom.

The child said nothing, but the smile he had for his mother vanished, giving way to an unexpected gravity. He held out his hand on which François, kneeling, placed his lips. His hands were shaking...»

note: we see on the creation the real Duc de Beaufort and the young Louis XIV

message by Juliette Benzoni

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