by Juliette BENZONI

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extract of  « Catherine »  chapter fourteen JOAN

Joan ! The city is freed now and you will soon be leaving to complete your task. I want to go with you. I could do whatever you wanted : look after your clothes and lodging, for instance..."

Joan looked at her in astonishment, her candid eyes seeming to bore right into Catherine's innermost heart. She smiled, but shook her head.

Joan of Arc :
"I would like you to stay with me, my dear Catherine, but I could not let you do it. Where I am going is not the place for you. I am a peasant girl used to hard work and a rough life, whereas you are a fine lady, and delicate and frail despite the sufferings you have endured. "

"I" ? I am a girl of the people, Joan, quite as much, if not more so, than you," Catherine cried with a suggestion of pride and defiance which brought a smile to her lips.

Joan of Arc :
"True, I remember you telling me now, and you are right to be proud of it, but there is another thing, Catherine : you are much too beautiful and seductive to live in the midst of an army. My soldiers are no angels, nor are their captains, and you would awaken their worst instincts, inflame quarrels and jealousies."

Catherine :
" I would dress like a man and cut my hair like you !"

Joan of Arc :
"that would make no difference. You would still be every inch a woman, even under a monk's robe. No, Catherine, these men must face long hard campaigns and I have to make sure that nothing undermines their unity or confidence. The sweet Dauphin and the Lord God have great need of them. It would be better for you to return home till the war is over."

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photo presents from left to right :

Benôit BRIONNE - Gilles de Rais
Pierre DENY - Jean de Dunois
Pierre-Marie ESCOURROU - Arnaud de Montsalvy
Gérard CHAMBRE - Jean Poton de Xaintrailles
James SPARROW -Sir Hugh Kennedy
Jean-François Bayonne - La Hire

and in the role of Joan of Arc
Isabelle GUIARD

message by Juliette Benzoni

TV-Series : Catherine, il suffit d'un amour
directed by Marion Sarraut

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