A Snare for Catherine

by Juliette BENZONI

creation by Evelyne

extract of A Snare for Catherine

He was magnificently dressed in a green velvet doublet and close-fitting black hose thrust into high, kid-lined boots. On top of this he wore, with an air, a great gold-embroidered gown of black velvet, its wide sleeves slashed to show the green taffeta lining beneath. a heavy gold chain around his neck and a green velvet hat with a pin like a gold griffon added the finishing touches to a dress which the provincial knights in their stained leather and mail beheld with an admiration untinged by either criticism or envy.

As they passed through the gateway with its crowned porcupine carved in the stone, Catherine could not repress a shudder. Her companion noticed it and glanced at her anxiously.

Jean de Dunois :
"Are you cold ? I think you're shivering."

Catherine :
"No, my lord. Not cold. Frightened."

Jean de Dunois :
You? Afraid ? there was a time, Catherine, when you were not afraid of torture, or even the gallows. You were going to it very proudly when the Maid saved you."

Catherine :
Because then the threat was only to myself ! But I'm not brave where someone I love is concerned. And I love my lord Arnaud more than myself, you know that!"

Jean de Dunois :
I know, he agreed seriously. "And I also know what feats that love can accomplish. But be comforted, what you are going to face here is not an enemy but a prince who wishes you well...

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photo with Pierre DENY
TV-Series : Catherine, il suffit d'un amour
directed by Marion Sarraut

message by Juliette Benzoni

idea and conception 2008 - 2015  linda compagnoni walther