Juliette Benzoni and her preferred King

 What you see on the beautiful creation is a map (the town of Cherbourg) drawn by King Louis XVI himself. He is THE King who had to pay for the sins of his father, grandfather and others... He deserves more than others to be remembered with respect !

The Lure of the Falcon (Le Gerfaut)

Book 2 (The Devil's Diamonds)
by Juliette Benzoni

(only two out of four books translated into English)


« Well, Monsieur said Louis XVI good-naturedly, are you happy with your King? »
Miraculously, the vocal cords of Gilles started to function again.
« Sire, he said, this is the second time that Your Majesty gives me back my life. The first time was by agreeing to endorse the will of my father; this time it's protecting me with this royal generosity. I have always belonged to him, but now, since I will have the honor to be the guardian of his person, I want the King to know that he can demand anything from me, he can expect anything from my devotion, and if a falcon, I shall be that in the future for the King, he can start at any time whatsoever, on any enemy whatsoever, in peace as in war, in the shadow as in the light.
« So be it, Monsieur! The King accepts your tribute and will register your promise. You will be a safe weapon in his hand, a weapon he will use, you can be certain, for only the most just causes. You will be in the future the Kings Falcon, but only for three people, me, you and… Monsieur de Rochambeau present here who witnessed your commitment.
« And who testifies that your Majesty will from now on never have a better servant than this young man, because he is among those who formerly had served honorably at the Round Table. The King permits him that I thank him?
? »


message by Juliette Benzoni

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