A true friendship


by Juliette Benzoni


« By God... !
Xaintrailles was purple with fury, He clenched his fists and Catherine saw his
jaw bones jutting as he gritted his teeth. His brown eyes flashed and his anger exploded in the peaceful study.
"That scurvy do dares to imprison a Montsalvy ? He dares to tell the world that he deserted ? he dares... "
" He dares in the King's name" ! Jacques Coeur interrupted dryly. Calm yourself, Messire de Xaintrailles. remember that, if you attack La Trémoille, you attack the King !

The King knows nothing of such intrigues, ...
The King does not want to know about them, the furrier corrected him. Believe me, sire, I know him well. Our King hates worries and complications. And then... he is in a delicate situation. His favorite loses no opportunity of reminding him that he owes his crown to a witch !
"You don't believe that ! Catherine cried.
Of course not, but La Trémoille makes good use of the trial at Rouen.
An English trial
No, a Church trial. That's infinitely more irksome.!
Xaintrailles's fist crashed down, making the things on the table dance.

What does all that matter? Arnaud is not going to stay in prison a moment longer. I give you my word, or my name is not Xaintrailles. I am going...

Coeurs had hand fell restraining on his arm.
Where are you going, messire ? To the King ? You world be losing your time and probably signing your friend's death warrant. His Majesty would appear amazed and summon his favorite who would swear by all the gods that this was an abominable lie... and before tomorrow, Captain Montsalvy's body would be thrown down some oubliette or into the Loire...

The captain heaved a great sigh which might have been relief or annoyance. Then he slowly drew his heavy sword from its scabbard and brandished it in the candle flame before holding it out to the furrier. Very well ! That only leaves this ! Look at it well, Maître Jacques, he said with a threatening smile. Mark my words. If I do not get Montsalvy out of that cursed place alive and whole, I shall sheath this blade in La Trémoille's rotting belly. I swear before God !

He sheathed his sword again, then turned and kissed Catherine on both cheeks.
"Pray for me, fair lady "! I shall make sure that your child has a father !
She stood on tiptoe to kiss his cheek which smelt of lavender and horses.
Look after yourself, Jean.... I am frightened for you !»


Gérard Chambre - Jean Poton de Xaintrailles
Claudine Ancelot - Catherine
Philippe Murgier - Jacques Cœur

TV-Series : Catherine, il suffit d'un amour
directed by Marion Sarraut

message by Juliette Benzoni

creation by Evelyne/LaLuna 2008
idea and conception © 2008 - 2016 linda compagnoni