Book 2

by Juliette Benzoni


I remember this... " he said slowly. "You were wearing it... at Arras.
Happy that he should remember it, she felt in the bottom of the casket and took out a little leather bag. A moment later, the hug black diamond was sparkling on the palm of her hand.

"And I was wearing that at Amiens the time you challenged the Duke, she said softy"A faint smile curled the sick man's lips.

"Do you think I don't remember? Or that I didn't see you? Indeed... you outshone all the other women in that black dress! And you say you want to sacrifice these jewls for a cause which isn't even yours?"

"To prove that I want to help you, Catherine amended. "And to make sure you respect me a little. I realized a long time ago that there was no hope for anything between us, that there could be no other bond between us, except perhaps death. At least leave me that...


photo Pierre-Marie ESCOURROU and Claudine ANCELOT

TV-Series : Catherine, il suffit d'un amour 1986
directed by Marion Sarraut

message by Juliette Benzoni

Music extract of Catherine, il suffit d'un amour

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