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Surely the greatest television series ever made in France! (1986)
60 episodes, 24 hour broadcasting, a budget of 3 billion centimes, 200 actors, 15 months of shooting, 45 technicians, 1,500 costumes, 130 horses... phew!

It is co-produced by Antenne 2 and SFP, its called
Catherine, il suffit d’un amour, directed by Marion Sarraut, adapted by Jean Chatenet (small correction - and Juliette Benzoni), according to the saga of Juliette Benzoni, the successful novelist who only writes bestsellers and ... it looks great!
extract of du Guide TV RADIO 1986
That will not do... Cut! Start Over!» Marion Sarraut, in a fuchsia jacket and a firm hand, runs, shouts, waves her arms. Silence in the ranks. One is listening to the master. Determined she goes from one to another, stops, returns. Attention, she is not the tyrant of the week! The actors say in one accord: "She is extraordinary. She knows how to direct us, without being a dictator. Marion always asked our opinion. She is a perfectionist...“
Extrait du NEWS Coulisses 1986

And to end, a confidential information of Marion Sarraut «The feelings of Catherine, her reactions... these are a bit my own in life. In other words, I completely and totally identified myself with her, or rather, I identified her with me... » In agreement with Juliette Benzoni? « You would not believe at what point » answers the novelist...
xtrait du Magazine Pèlerin 1986

message by Juliette Benzoni

photos with Marion Sarraut : the director
Claudine Ancelot : Catherine de Montsalvy
Geneviève Casile : Queen Yolande d'Anjou
Pascale Petit : Black Sara
Juliette Benzoni at the set of
« Marianne, une étoile pour Napoléon »


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