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To all faithful readers of Juliette Benzoni and new ones.


January 14, 2017

We would like to thank you for having followed each day last December 2016 our yearly Advent calendar with so much interest. It has warmed our hearts to read all your messages to us and we would like to thank you enormously.
We decided as a thank you to you to create a Slideshow with all 24 creations.
We made a promise to you on that dark day February 7, to continue to spread the news about Juliette's legacy. We can reveal to you that we have loads of still hidden treasures in our files to be shared with you.

In this spirit we wish you one more time a wonderful and prosperous new year 2017

Yours very truly Frédérique and Linda, Juliette's ambassadresses as she named us also.

as a side note : you are watching the French version of last years Advent calendar

December 1, 2017

The Catherine website proposes with great joy and enormous pleasure each year an Advent calendar with 25 numbers to open - a sacred tradition in Switzerland and some other countries.
The main theme is the world of Juliette Benzoni, her books and her heroes. I hope you enjoy and will be inspired for the coming festive days.

The calendar is celebrating its ninth year without interruption !
I like to thank my sister Evelyne and my dear friends Frédérique and Hélène for their contribution towards my Advent calendar. I admire immensely their talent to implement my ideas so elegantly.

Linda, webmaster

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