Juliette Benzoni


Publié 1965

La réédition en 1967

Editeur ATA Saray Han

Traducteur: Meral Gaspirali



Mise-à-jour Mai 2017

After a long re-search it is now certain that the Turkish publishers only translated the first two Catherine books. Even if this is a pity for the readers at that time, it makes at least sense, because at the end of book 2 there is a happy end for Catherine and Arnaud !

Yet the books must have sold well, why else would the publisher re-issued the books in 1967 again, this time with new book cover and new titles ?

Interesting details : Katerin ve prens  has the same image as the Finnish and Swedish covers. The question of the year : which was first and who was the Art designer ?


And what is even more "strange" the re-issued second Catherine book Katerin Jan dark  has more or less the same cover as the original French cover of BELLE CATHERINE the third in the Catherine series...! So they knew there were more Catherine stories !

Of course this is no critique from my part, only something I like to mention as a fan of the Catherine books.

Titres  en turquie

Livre 1 Katerin / Güzel Catherine
Livre 2 Katerin ve prens /Katerin ve Jan Dark
Livre 3

Livre 4

Livre 5

Livre 6

Livre 7
Titres Originaux

Livre 1 Il Suffit d'un Amour
2 Il Suffit d'un Amour
Livre 3 Belle Catherine
Livre 4 Catherine des Grand Chemins
Livre 5 Catherine et le Temps d'Aimer

Livre 6 Piège pour Catherine
Livre 7 La Dame de Montsalvy
Titres traduit

Livre 1 Catherine
Livre 2 Catherine et le Prince

Livre 1 Belle Catherine
Livre 2 Catherine et Jeanne d'Arc


Livre 1 - 1965

Livre 2 - 1966

La réédition en 1967

Livre 1 - 1967

Livre 2 - 1967

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