Juliette Benzoni


publié en 2004

traduit par Farideh Mahdavi Damghani



Mrs. Farideh Mahdavi Damghani is an acclaimed Persian author - translator. After my rearches I am convinced that Book 1 and 2 have been translated. A confident website gives us the year 2004 of the printing and that the book had 991 pages. So this publisher did the same as the German Blanvalet company in 1964 Book 1 and 2 = 1

As we know the first two books do have a happy ending. After the great succes in 1964, Juliette Benzoni was asked to continue the story of Catherine and Arnaud.

Titres en Iranien

Livre 1 & 2

Titres Originaux

Livre 1 Il Suffit d'un Amour
2 Il Suffit d'un Amour
Livre 3 Belle Catherine
Livre 4 Catherine des Grand Chemins
Livre 5 Catherine et le Temps d'Aimer

Livre 6 Piège pour Catherine
Livre 7 La Dame de Montsalvy
Titre traduit

Livre 1 & 2 Catherine, L'amour et rien de plus

1 + 2 = 1

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