Secret d'État
(Secret of the State)

This excellent book series has not been so far translated into English


La chambre de la reine 1997
(The chamber of the Queen)


synopsis : translated from French by Linda,webmaster
Sylvie de Valaine, an adorable four year old little girl that François de Vendôme, ten years old, discovers on a June evening in 1626, wandering in the forest of Anet, barefoot, wearing a bloody shirt, will not be the exception that proves the rule. She has just escaped miraculously Richelieu's hands that murdered her entire family ...
Raised by the Vendôme’s, Sylvie is made at fifteen, maid of honor to the Queen who keeps on plotting against Louis XIII and Richelieu and is driven in very dangerous adventures. Fortunately, François, with whom she is madly in love but sees in her only a little girl, is watching over her…

♣ interesting detail : Dedicated to.... 
to the memory of Princess Isabelle de Broglie who showed the path.
♣ interesting detail : Dedication in my own book...
A ma Linda ! Et si s'était vrai? Affectueusement Juliette (2014)
to my Linda ! And if it were true ?Affectionately uliette

Le Roi des Halles 1998
(The King of the Halles)

synopsis : translated from French by Linda,webmaster
How much more is fate persisting on Sylvie de Valaines? Not content to have already killed her mother, she is thrown into the clutches of Laffemas - the executioner of Cardinal Richelieu - who forces her to marry the willing La Ferrière, who leaves the right of the “wedding night” to his friend Laffemas (the mysterious murderer of her mother) who rapes her. She is able to escape and just as years back, François de Vendôme finds her on the road, badly injured and decides to act…

To hide her definitely from danger
, François takes Sylvie under his protection and decides to tell the world that Sylvie is dead and brings her to Belle-Isle, before re-joining his battalion. Isolated, without news, Sylvie feels herself totally abandoned and left to sink into a dangerous apathy. She steps out of it when her enemies, having discovered the subterfuge, start again in pursuit of her…
♣ interesting detail : this book was finished - at Saint-Mandé, November 5, 1997 jour de la Sainte-Sylvie !
 and it says also:  This story find its achievement in the third book : The man with the mask.

Le prisonnier masqué 1998
(The masked prisoner)


synopsis : translated from French by Linda,webmaster
After the death of her second husband, Sylvie de Fontsomme had sworn never to see François de Beaufort again and to live far from the Court’s escapades. It is on family land that now she raises her daughter Marie and little Philippe, whose birth is kept secret.

But her hopes are in vain! The young King Louis XIV has not forgotten her and demands her return to the Court, where it will be impossible not to cross the path of François, whom she had never stopped loving and who seemed to have made peace with the King after the follies of the Fronde. (
Series of civil wars in France between 1648 and 1653, during the minority of Louis XIV)

So she is again at the heart of everything she thought she had finally fled, without forgetting to mention the perfidious wheeling and dealing of Colbert stalking tirelessly on behalf of her friendship with the superintendent of the Finances discharged: Nicolas Fouquet.

 ♣ interesting detail : Inscription
In my home, the secret is locked in a house with solid padlocks whose key is lost and the door sealed. » Thousand and one nights
 ♣ interesting detail : Book cover of the orginal PLON edition
The beautiful woman on the cover is a painting of the Marquise de Montespan one of the mistresses of Louis XIV
♣ interesting detail :
lovely creation with beautiful text out of Le Roi des Halles see : Quotes by my friends
merci Frédérique


♣ interesting detail : François de Beaufort

created by Frédérique for the Advent calendar 2013
♣ interesting detail :  creation and extract of The masked prisoner - for Advent calendar 2015

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