Born:  January 21
French actor
Poet writer
Stage director
Screenplay writer
speaks: French, English, Spanish, Italian



Gérard Chambre made his debut in theatre alongside Georges Wilson, Roger Hanin and many more..under the direction of Alexandre Arcady, Jean-Claude Brialy, Gerard Verges, Robert Manuel, Philippe Ferran.

 On television he played many leading roles like "Les dessous du ciel", "The War of Women" and as Jason Beaufort in Juliette Benzoni's  "Marianne" - Jean de Xaintrailles in "Catherine" and as Admiral John Paul Jones in"Le Gerfaut" directed by Marion Sarraut.

His vocal training brought him to the musical: Catch my soul (Marigny Theater), opera rock Gomina (European), music (scene of the Porte St Martin), Jacques Brel (Espace Cardin), Prière de laisser le XXe siècle dans l’état où vous l’avez trouvé (Avignon), Les plus que personnes (Avignon)

In 2009 he wrote „Le petit groom chez Maxim's, music by Offenbach. This more than popular play had its debut at Monsieur Pierre Cardin's château Lacoste on July 2009. 

From September 2009 "Feu la mère de Madame, by Georges FEYDEAU directed by Gérard Chambre and "Le petit groom chez Maxim's" were guest in Paris, at Pierre Cardin's Restaurant MAXIM's. Due to it's great success, it was repeatedly prolonged until June 2010.

On March 2011 he created the spectacle Cocteau Guitry chez Maxim's. Cabaret burlesque en 15 tableaux et 17 chansons, musical direction: Fabrice Coccitto, directed by Gérard Chambre 

One act play by Sacha Guitry. The show remained for two season at the famous Restaurant chez Maxim's in Paris. 

July 2012 he premiered with his spectacle musical CHARLES TRENET, le fou chantant a cent ans, at the Festival Lacoste. Due to its fantastic success, their voyage sent them to Paris, au petit théâtre de chez Maxim's" where they could be seen each Monday night at chez Maxim's until Spring 2014 !

On July 2014 he created his show Chez Maxim's ça swing - Hommage aux Frères Jacques. It premiered at the 14th Festival Lacoste of Pierre Cardin, the world famous fashion designer. The Show is still running each Monday night at the théatre of Maxim's in Paris.

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To us Catherine fans, he is best known as "Chevalier Jean Poton de Xaintrailles" Arnaud and Catherine de Montsalvy's best friend. One of the chief captain's of Jeanne d'Arc and also best friend to La Hire and godfather to Michel de Montsalvy, Catherine and Arnaud's son.


The touching words of Gérard Chambre
concerning the death of Juliette Benzoni
(private message which I put later on Facebook with his consent)

February  2016
I just heard the terrible news, the loss of our dear and wonderful Juliette. She left us, taking with it her enthusiasm, her generosity, her kindness and her talent... but she leaves us her words, her thoughts, her laughter and all the adventures that she had imagined for us, for our pleasure, our happiness and immense joy to which she had invited us.
On this day I am deeply touched and sad, sad Juliette
has left us, sad she closed her latest book and put away her pen forever.
I embrace that one which was kind enough to give me a day, a tiny part of
her eternity...
Good-bye Juliette
Gérard Chambre was present in the church Notre Dame de Saint-Mandé for a last farewell to Juliette Benzoni.



Souvenir d'Auribeau-sur-Siagne 2015

Gérard Chambre
whom we all remember to have played Jean de Xaintrailles in CATHRINE - Jason Beaufort in MARIANNE - and Admiral John Paul Jones in LE GERFAUT attended the Festival Auribeau-sur-Scène this summer (whose Godfather he is) with three of his most successful cabarets.

Charles TRENET - le fou chantant
Ca swing chez Maxim's - Tribute to the Frères Jacques

I had had the great honor to have been invited by the Organization of Auribeau-sur-Siagne to participate for three days at the Festival. It has been an amazing and unforgettable stay down at the Provence Côte d'Azur and I like to say again an immense thank you to the Festival director Françoise Marchal-Libault and Gérard Chambre to have welcomed me so warmly.

I like to share with you some photos of the splendid moments at Auribeau-sur-Siagne, where I had also the great joy to meet in person the beautiful actress Cyrielle Clair, her adorable partner Dany Laurent and acclaimed and most charming Academie Française member: René de Obaldia.



During one of my visit to Paris , I went to see Gérard Chambre's (Jason Beaufort, Jean Poton de Xaintrailles, Admiral John Paul Jones) newest spectacle "Chez Maxim's ça swing - Homage aux Frères Jacques" !

I have greatly enjoyed it and it has been a long time since I have laughed until my sides ache and face from laughing ! It was fast, it was sexy, exhilarant - one moment tender - the next moment hilarious! Pure entertaining for almost two hours - the best I have seen for a long time.

I send my compliments to Gérard and his magnificent troupe Opéra ma non troppo and their terrific new pianist, for their excellent performance at chez Maxim's. One word SUPERB !!

I invite everyone to visit Gérard Chambre's official website to learn more about his sublime new Cabaret.

Chez Maxim's ça swing...

The faithful visitors of the Catherine de Montsalvy website, know that I have met Gérard the first time at Palais Bulles in 2009 . They know also that he has always supported my site and that I am the webmaster of his official website.
He has now for the first time signed the
Catherine Guest book I am deeply touched by that kind gesture and his words.

au petit théâtre de chez Maxim's

c h e z   M A X I M’ S   ç a   S W I N G
Hommage aux Frères Jacques
à la recherche du tempo perdu

directed by Gérard Chambre
with his company :
Opéra ma non troppo

and pianiste : Antoine Lefort

to know more about the Cabaret see :


« at l'Entrepôt - Paris
Lecture Petites Musiques de Proust
by Gérard Chambre and Fabrice Coccitto


Dear friends of the Catherine series.

I like to share with you this unique and precious photo today! A photo I have been sent by none other than my dear friend Claudine Ancelot (Catherine de Montsalvy). We see on this photo united after a long time (over 20 years) Claudine Ancelot, Gérard Chambre (Xaintrailles), Anne Lefébure (Jacquette Legoix, Catherine's Mother) Catherine Jurquet (producer of the TV-Series Marianne, Catherine and Le Gerfaut) and Dame Marion Sarraut, the outstanding woman who was able to direct these series to all our liking! I like to say thank you so much to all of them for posing a moment to all our delight. Je vous embrasse all of you
and a special kiss to Claudine for the photo..

Linda, webmaster

photo of Gérard Chambre, Claudine Ancelot and Pierre-Marie Escourrou
the beautiful meeting of the trio 2013
Gérard Chambre
Claudine Ancelot 
Pierre-Marie Escourrou

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