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June 12 2019

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First published:  in France by Editions de Trévise 1968
First published:  in Great Britain 1968 by William Heineman Ltd.

English translation by Jocasta Goodwin
translated into more than twenty languages
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Ballad of Catherine 1965
    Text: Juliette Benzoni
    Singer: Bernard Stéphane

Film Adaption in 1969 Catherine, Il suffit d'un amour
    Director Bernard Borderie
    Music by Michel Magne

Television-Serie in 1986 Catherine, Il suffit d'un amour
     Co-Production Antenne 2 - SFP
     Director Marion Sarraut
     Adaption Juliette Benzoni & Jean Chatenet
     Music by Robert Viger

Catherine and a time for Love

Synopsis : Catherine and a Time for Love

Catherine's destiny is to love Arnaud, the proud Lord of Montsalvy, in mediveal France. Once she believed him lost to her through the ravages of leprosy; now she suspects that the bonds which unite them have been torn even more surely by the lascivious caresses of an infidel Princess. Yet her one desire is to be near him again; to show him once more the strenght of her own passion.

Her quest for him takes her across harsch mountain wildernesses to the brilliant city of Burgos - where the cage of death swings from the cathedral parapets - and finally, to the famed city of Granada whose soft Eastern beauty is shattered by violence. The gates of the harem in the Caliph's palace close silently behind Catherine, and she must stand alone against the crazy jealousy of Princess Zobeida, to fight for Arnaud and...

A Time for Love

Memorable Quotes

" God demands, that we should show mercy to others and pity for their afflictions! Where's the great merit in undertaking this long penance when one is in perfect health? It would be better, sire, if you offered your arm instead of these reproaches!"
Catherine de Montsalvy to Gerbert Bohat Chapter One
"So you have won in the end? It has been written somewhere Catherine, that you should constantly surprise me. What alchemy did you resort to, to tame the intractable Messire Arnaud?
Comtesse Ermengarde de Châteauvillain to Catherine Chapter One

..I have come to offer you my services by way of reparation. If you will allow me to, I will serve you and defend you...I am a beggar, but I am strong and I can wield a sword like a gentleman. On the roads as these one can always do with a strong arm. Will you then pardon me, and take on as your servitor? I swear to to serve you faithfully, 'pon my eternal soul...
Josse Rallard to Catherine de Montsalvy Chapter Two

"Breathe then...but listen to me Catherine! I know what you must be suffering now, but I forbid you to say that you are dead and that your life is finished! All men do not forget so easily. There are some capable of a greater love than you could dream of!"
Jan Van Eyck to Catherine de Montsalvy Chapter Four

"The Gods of my people are witness that I have never loved you as I do now! But it is by virtue of this love that I must now beg you to forget. If you don't my life will be hell...and I would have to leave you..
Gauthier Stronghitarm (Malencontre) to Catherine Chapter Eight)

"O woman of a single love! Like a moth you prefer to die in the flame to living in the dark, am I not right? Half your heart is here. Who can live with only half heart?
Abou-al-Khayr to Catherine de Montsalvy Chapter Nine

" I shall give the wind a blossom picked from your own flowering face, and I shall breathe the scent of the paths where you walk! You are the essence of all the flowers in this garden, Light of Dawn, and your eyes are as clear as lipid water. Who taught you love, O most scented rose?"
Caliph Muhammad VIII to Light of Dawn (Catherine) Chapter Eleven

" You are too talkative and to inquisitive, yellow-haired woman! And you are trying my patience. Thank Allah that I have no desire to distress my brother by breaking a toy of his before he has had time to get weary of it! But you had better hold your tonque and keep your eyes veiled if you want to keep both the one and the others! Blind and dumb, you would be fit only for the stray dogs in the market-place.
Princess Zobeida to Light of Dawn Chapter Eleven

"Don't count your chickens too soon, Zobeida...I am not dead yet. It is not the custom among us for brothers to kill their sisters, or husbands their wives.!
Catherine de Montsalvy to Princess Zobeida Chapter Twelve

"Poor little one! You were so frightened! That evil woman! I knew she was capable of anything...and that was why I stayed outside, watching...but something as vile as that! Now calm yourself
I am here...I will look after you...! We shall flee together, and return home...I love you...
Arnaud de Montsalvy to Catherine his wife Chapter Twelve

"If your husband had been held prisoner in the heart of darkest Africa you would have found some way of rescuing him. Though of course I should have had to make a longer journey then...
Jacques Coeur to Catherine de Montsalvy Chapter Fifteen

"The dark years, of which you have known too many, are ended. You have a long life of love and happiness
before you...and the happy task of setting a whole new generation of thoroughbred Montsalvy's on their feet! Gentlemen and ladies, I ask you to rise now and drink to the happiness of Catherine and Arnaud de
Montsalvy, a long life, and great times to the bravest of Christians Knights and the
fairest lady of the West!"

Jean de Xaintrailles to Catherine & Arnaud and their guests at Montsalvy Chapter Sixteen


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